Stop Smoking

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Stop Smoking with our new breakthrough session for 2018


Stop Smoking. We combine NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Life Coaching and more over a very focused 3 hour breakthrough session to ensure you give up smoking for good, all in a single session. 100% success rate to date. Industry success rates 86%

In the UK on average 106,000 people die every year by smoking. lung Cancer being the biggest killing Cancer, around 80% of lung Cancer deaths being caused by smoking. Tobacco contains a huge amount of chemical’s over 4,000 in fact. Knocking year’s of your of your life and they way you look and feel.

Passive smoking is no better causing lung cancer, heart disease, cot death middle ear disease & asthma in children.


  • ‘I never thought I could do it .’ Thank you. Claire East
  • ‘I cant believe I finally did it! ‘Gary Watkins
  • ‘I feel truly amazing and Can now take my son to Florida.’ Tammy Smith
  • ‘Running & Breathing again. Happy day’s.’ Nicola Brent


Cost for 3 Hour Breakthrough – 300.00GBP

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